Bergamo, a gem to discover

Bergamo is an italian hill town with about 120000 inhabitants. It is situates on the foothills of the Alps, between Milan and Brescia. The upper town, which is the historical centre of the city, is surrounded by massive medieval walls. The lower town, despite its ancient origins, it was made more modern by recent urbanization.

Città Alta

Città Alta

The upper town, better known as Città Alta, is a medieval hill town, surrounded by walls, which were built in XVI century, during the Venice domination. These walls were added to the original ones in order to make Bergamo an unassailable town.

Bergamo Bassa

Città Bassa

The lower town was born from the development of those districts that were located on the main commercial ways between the hills and the level ground. The most important districts are Borgo Canale, Borgo San Leonardo, Borgo San tomaso, Borgo Santa Caterina, Borgo Pignolo and Borgo Palazzo.

Places to visit

Lake Como

Lake Como is located between Lecco and Como, at just 40km away from Bergamo. It is known worldwide for its beauty, its pleasant climate and the remarkable number of suggestive villas and villages.

Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is located between Bergamo and Brescia, at the same distance of Lake Como. As a remarkable point of interest there is the suggestive Monte Isola, the Italy’s biggest as well as the Europe’s tallest lake island.


Milan is the capital of Lombardy as well as the Italian economic capital, one of the worlds capitals of fashion and design, and an important Italian university campus.